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Android Tablets:

There are many repairs I can do for an android tablet. However just like the cell phones there are so many different devices it is hard to have a list of repair pricing for each and every one. I will do just about any repair on these however check the pricing page or submit an inquiry before purchasing a listing.

When it comes to windows tablets, the Microsoft Surface is about the only one I WILL NOT do HARDWARE repairs on at this moment. Due to the high risk and value of these devices I politely decline these repairs


As we all know, Apple is the king of DO NOT REPAIR OUR DEVICES. As such is relatively true I only provide two kinds of repairs on these devices.

Screens: Head over to the Tablet Repair page for the pricing on iPad screen repairs. I have listed all that I will do and you can purchase one of those repairs directly

Batteries: I will replace your battery with OEM or OEM spec battery to get your device runtime back to how it should be. I MUST WARN YOU, on apple devices you MUST remove the screen to replace the battery, there is always risk for the very fragile glass to break upon removal. I will do everything in my power not to have this happen but if it does there will be an additional charge for the screen replacement as well. I will add as many price estimates to the pricing page for batteries however if  you would like a quote please submit an inquiry on the Tablet Repair Page

Anything else: Please submit an inquiry on the Tablet Repair Page, I will replace minor components such as earpiece or button, etc. However very minimal repairs are available for Apple Tablets.

Repairs that i WILL NOT DO

Purchase Diagnostic / Repair

Tablet Repair Price Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

  • Any micro - Soldering work (ex. charge ports soldered,
    Audio IC Chip, SMC Removal

  • iPad Pro Repairs

  • Motherboard repairs of any sort

  • Water damage repairs

  • Data recovery from fried motherboard
    (broken screen recovery OK)

  • Password Removal

  • Google FRP Lock / iCloud Locked device unlock

  • Carrier unlocking

  • Blacklist Removal

iPad Screen Replacement

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