Tablet Diagnostic / Shipping Fees

Tablet Diagnostic / Shipping Fees

Purchase this listing to recieve a document to fill out. I know, fun right? its not so bad.
This guarentees the diagnostic and quote of the repair of your Tablet.
Your payment on this listing (except shipping cost) WILL BE APPLIED TO YOUR FINAL INVOICE 

$25 - shipping fee

$50 - diagnostic / quote fee ( to be applied to final invoice )

This does not include the full repair of your device. Please refer to the repair estimates page to get an idea of what repair cost may be. 
This gives you a VERY good chance of having a video made cleaning / fixing your Tablet.

This includes return priority shipping. 

I will do everything in my power to repair your device.
Device will be diagnosed within 3 buisness days. 
Thank you for choosing me.