So you want me to fix your device?

Well that is my job...

Concrete Wall

Anything Can
Be Fixed

I refuse to do .. these include:

  • Microsoldering of Ports / Components / SMC

  • BIOS / iCloud / Google FRP Lock Removal

  • Monitor / DvD player / Reciever / etc.

  • iMac, and Macbook screen repairs

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Carrier blacklist / unlock

  • Apple Watch

  • Fried Motherboard Data Recovery / Repair

  • iPhone back glass repair

I say that, but sometimes.... you never know. 

In all cases I try my hardest to get your device in a manner that is enjoyable to use again.
Please note that there are some things​

How much does it cost?
(Price list coming soon)

I only charge $50 

I do ask you to pay for return shipping.
If you need any parts / upgrades during repair, those are tacked on as well.
Example(SSD Upgrade):
$50 - Labor | $59.99 - SSD | $11 Shipping
Total: $120.99

Additionally, DIAGNOSTIC IS $35 
To diagnose / if the estimate is declined, this is the only charge you face.(Shipping fees may apply)

I always try to price reasonably and responsibly.

If you wish to add a tip, you can always use my Money apps @/$thebomb602


Please Package Nicely

Remember, this is your device, not the mail carriers.
Slap a bunch of fragile stickers, cushion that shiz, go to the UPS store or Post Office to have them do it... anything to protect your stuff!


Fill out Online Check-In
Print and include physical form

You might be ready to send to me....

If you have questions:

Repair Inquiry