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Information about Ship-In Repairs

If you are considering sending me your device for repair please read the below information about your device.

I am ECSTATIC to repair your device however I do wish to provide you with some information beforehand, JUST AS I WOULD DO IN PERSON.

So please give this a read before purchasing a device repair and I thank you for being here and using my services!

General Ship-In Repair Information

You must sign and fill out the form provided to you to the best of your ability. 

When preparing your device for shipment PLEASE WRAP IT CAREFULLY. I will ship your item back to you via Priority Shipping in the same packaging unless it is damaged

If you purchase a Repair listing, you are paying for :

  • Return Priority Shipping

  • Quote / Diagnostic of your repair

    • IF YOU APPROVE REPAIR : your Quote / Diagnostic Charge will be applied to your FINAL INVOICE

      • FOR EXAMPLE:
        If your listing Cost $75
        Shipping fee is $15
        Diagnostic fee is $60
        Your quoted repair bill is $100

        We deduct $60 from your bill, and charge you $40 for the remainder of the balance.
        At the end of the day your TOTAL will be $115 , since the repair cost $100 and your shipping fee is $15


There is a very good chance your device can be featured on my TikTok / Youtube, Please specify on the form if you would not like this to happen


Pricing Estimates for Ship-In repairs

This is where you can find all of my pricing estimates for just about everything i can think of
This is not everything i repair. Always feel free to submit an inquiry for your desired repair

These prices are ESTIMATES and will be updated as more repairs come in and i get a feel for pricing

Labor Charges

  • General Labor for any repair $50

  • Quick and easy Labor for any repair $35

  • MAX LABOR can be quoted but usually never over $85

Tablet Repairs

  • Typical screen repair cost $80 

  • Typical battery replacement cost $75

  • Usual Fee is $50 + part cost

Laptop & desktop Repairs

  • Screen replacement $50 + Screen Cost

  • Battery replacement $35-$50 + Battery Cost

  • 250GB SSD Upgrade + Data Transfer $95

  • 500GB SSD Upgrade + Data transfer $135

  • 1TB SSD Upgrade + Data Transfer $175

  • Part install $35-$50 + Part unless provided

  • Data Transfer $50 First 1TB - add. $25 per TB after

  • Data Recovery $60

Game Console Repairs

  • All console Cleaning $50

  • Part install $50 + Part unless provided

  • 500GB SSD Upgrade + OS Install $105

  • 1TB SSD Upgrade + OS Install $165

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