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IF YOU DO NOT RECIEVE EMAIL PLEASE SEE "after you order"  page or click here:




Initiate the Ship-In repair process by purchasing this diagnostic fee to commence the evaluation of your device. The diagnostic fee, currently set at $35, will be credited towards your final invoice.


For users opting for the Tune-Up Optimization/Virus Clean service, the associated cost is $80. The comprehensive tune-up addresses various aspects, including:

  • Full Hardware Diagnostic
  • 6-point Virus/Malware/Spyware/Trojan Cleaning
  • Unneeded File Removal/Storage Recovery
  • All Program/Windows Updates Application
  • Hard Drive Defrag/SSD Trim Optimization
  • Thermal Check (CPU Heat)
  • Startup Program Removal
  • Browser Cleanup
  • And more.


This Tune-Up is designed to maximize your system's performance and will include a detailed report outlining potential Hardware/Software upgrades for future consideration.


Considering the initial diagnostic fee payment of $35, the actual cost at invoicing will be $45.

Additionally, please note that return shipping payment is required and will be added to your final invoice. The typical shipping cost ranges from $10 to $20.


Anticipate a typical turnaround time of approximately one week, with the possibility of faster completion.


Upon purchasing the diagnostic, an automated email will be dispatched containing both a printable document and a digital form. Please complete either form before securely packaging and sending your device.

IF YOU DO NOT RECIEVE EMAIL PLEASE SEE "after you order"  page or click here:


Upon receipt by thebombRepairs, you will receive prompt email/SMS updates regarding the progress of your repair.


Following the diagnostic phase, you will receive a detailed estimate. At this point, you can either:

  • Accept the estimate, prompting us to proceed with the repair.
  • Decline the estimate, leading to the swift return of your device.


If the estimate is approved, your device will undergo the necessary repairs, and you will receive an invoice via email.


Payment can be made in a manner similar to the initial diagnostic fee.


Once payment is confirmed, your address will be reverified, and your fully repaired device will be promptly dispatched to you, ensuring it returns in optimal working order.

Tune Up / Virus Clean / System Optimization

    • All returned devices are sanitized, Quality checked, and also may include an Autograph / photo as a thank you !
    • All I ever try to charge is $100 + Shipping!
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