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IF YOU DO NOT RECIEVE EMAIL PLEASE SEE "after you order"  page or click here:




Elevate your gaming experience with our comprehensive Game Console Cleaning, Repaste, and Repad service. This specialized offering includes:


Service Highlights:


  • Thorough cleaning of your game console
  • Application of premium-quality, high-performance thermal paste
  • Replacement of thermal pads for enhanced cooling


Service Pricing:


  • PS3/PS4/Xbox One S X/360: Starting at $99.99
  • PS5/Xbox Series X: Starting at $149.99


Payment Details:

Initiate the process by purchasing this service, covering the diagnostic fee. A $35 payment now will be credited towards your final invoice, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of this service.


Service Process Overview:


  • Purchase Diagnostic: Buy this service to cover the diagnostic fee and commence the cleaning process.
  • Device Dispatch: Safely package and send your device, completing either the printable document or digital form provided in the automated email upon purchase. 
  • Updates: Expect timely email/SMS updates from thebombRepairs regarding the progress of your data recovery.
  • Diagnosis: After receipt, a detailed examination occurs, and an estimate is sent to you.
  • Decision Point: Choose to accept the estimate for cleaning or decline for a swift return of your device.
  • Service Completion: If the estimate is accepted, your device undergoes necessary cleaning procedures.
  • Invoice: Receive an email with the final invoice, crediting the $35 initial payment.
  • Payment: Complete the payment using a method similar to the initial diagnostic fee.
  • Return: Your fully recovered data is promptly delivered to you after payment confirmation and address reverification.


Optimize your gaming setup, enhance performance, and ensure the longevity of your console with our Game Console Cleaning service. Experience the benefits of improved reliability, making sure your gaming system operates at its best.

Game Console Cleaning W/ Repaste and Repad

    • All returned devices are sanitized, Quality checked, and also may include an Autograph / photo as a thank you !
    • All I ever try to charge is $100 + Shipping!
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