Start Here to Purchase Any and All Repairs

Start Here to Purchase Any and All Repairs

                                SHIP-IN REPAIR PROCESS AND INFOS:

Purchase this to pay for your diagnostic fee, and get started in the Ship-In process!
Your diagnostic fee applies to your final invoice, for example $100 repair total, actually $65 repair because you already paid this...

Once you purchase this diagnostic you will recieve an automated email entailing a printable document as well as a digital form, fill out EITHER before sending in your device.

Please package your device in a safe and reliable fashion and send it in!

Once recieved by thebombRepairs (me) you will begin recieving email / SMS about your repair!

Once diagnosed , you will recieve an estimate. At this time you can:
Accept the estimate, and we will move forward with repair.

Decline the estimate, and we will ship your device back ASAP.

If accepted, your device will be repaired and you will be emailed an invoice to be paid in a similar fashion as you will pay for this initial listing. 

Once paid, your address will be confirmed a final time and you will recieve your device back in working order!

  • Notes

    • All returned devices are sanitized, Quality checked, and also may include an Autograph / photo as a thank you !
    • All I ever try to charge is $50 + Shipping!