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Laptop and desktop REPAIRS

Yall have seen me repair SOOOO many laptops and desktops. I do just about any repair on these. However just like android tablets there are a TON of laptops and desktops.

So, I will include as many pricing estimates as i can on the Pricing Page however i can fix just about anything on a laptop so you're pretty safe to just purchase the repair listing. As always if you have questions please send an inquiry

Purchase Diagnostic / Repair

Purchase Diagnostic / Repair

Repairs that i WILL NOT DO

  • Any micro - Soldering work (ex. charge ports soldered, Soldered Ram upgrades)

  • BIOS Password Removal

  • MacBook Screen replacement

  • iMac Repairs

  • Linux Distro Install

  • Monitor Repairs

Laptop Repair Price Inquiry

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